Carolina Doodle Puppies Health Guarantee

Puppy Health Guarantee - All our puppies receive excellent care & nutrition, de-worming medication, initial core vaccines (unless requested otherwise by buyer), and a well-check by a veterinarian to confirm that the puppy is healthy before being released to buyer.

A. Seller guarantees puppy against the following two circumstances:

1. Seller guarantees puppy until the age of 24 months against congenital Hip Dysplasia. However, allowing puppy to become overweight or allowing the joints to become over-stressed or injured will void this health guarantee, as these can lead to hip dysplasia. (Examples of activities that over-stress the joints of puppies are long jogs or jumping from elevated heights like truck tailgates before age 24 months.) Hip Dysplasia must be diagnosed by PennHIP or OFA as moderate-to-severe to be covered by this contract.

2. Seller also guarantees puppy until the age of 24 months against severe genetic diseases of the elbows, eyes, heart, and patella that will greatly shorten the life or greatly reduce the quality of life of the puppy.

Fulfillment of this guarantee, when one of the two preceding circumstances has been proven, will be as follows:

--If the puppy/dog passes away or needs to be euthanized because of the severity of the defect, the buyer may receive a replacement puppy of the same value within 2 years of defect diagnosis.

--If the buyer continues to provide care for the puppy/dog, there are two options:

1. The buyer can choose to have 75% of the purchase price refunded to help pay for the cost of caring for the puppy/dog and no replacement puppy is provided, OR

2. The buyer can choose to have a replacement puppy of the same value within 2 years of defect diagnosis instead of having money refunded. We do not require the original dog be returned to us.

When making a claim against this health guarantee, buyers will be required to provide to the seller veterinary receipts, medical records, and permission to speak directly to the veterinarian that diagnosed the condition. Seller reserves the right to have an additional examination by the veterinary clinic of our choice prior to providing a refund or new puppy. If this veterinarian does not agree that the condition is congenital or genetic and that it is severe, this health guarantee will not apply.

B. Seller does NOT guarantee against common or idiopathic ailments including (but not limited to) parasites/worms (and any diseases or disorders brought on by parasites), fleas, ticks, retained testicles, involuted vulva/vagina, umbilical hernias, adolescent "base narrow" canine teeth (see section E below for adult "base narrow" canine teeth), grade 1 or 2 medial patellar luxation, overbite/underbite or other tooth misalignment, ear infections, or diarrhea.

C. Seller does NOT guarantee against the development of any faults, diseases, or disorders caused by chance, environmental conditions, or buyer's negligence, including (but not limited to) illness, injury, vaccinosis (i.e. vaccine injury), cancer, Addison's, autoimmune/immune disorders, digestive disorders, bloat, or allergies.

D. Seller does NOT guarantee the size, weight, color, coat qualities, temperament, or appearance puppy will have at maturity. Seller cannot guarantee that a buyer won't react with allergies to a puppy/dog.

E. Adult "base narrow" canine teeth: At 12 months of age, if an adult "base narrow" canine tooth is growing into the soft palate, seller will refund to buyer up to $150 for each tooth which is filed and capped. We will need a photograph of the extreme "base narrow" canines as well as veterinarian records to cover this cost. Braces or tooth extraction of either adolescent or adult teeth are not covered. If adolescent teeth were removed or filed, this refund will not apply, as this could leave gaps or nerve damage that may interfere with normal adult tooth alignment. (Note: Poodles and all doodles have narrow jaws. Because of this, it is common and normal that many of them have "base narrow" canines as adolescents. This does NOT represent a genetic malformation the way it would in a dog breed with normal jaws. The vast majority of poodle/doodle puppies with adolescent "base narrow" canines will have outgrown the condition by 12 months of age. We do not recommend surgical removal or filing of adolescent "base narrow" canines in poodles/doodles.)

F. Once puppy is released to buyer at the time of pick-up, all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the buyer.

G. This entire health guarantee only applies to the original buyer that signs this contract. If the puppy has been sold or given away, the health guarantee becomes void.

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