For their entire lives, our breeder dogs have been fed a high quality, natural raw food diet that simulates what they would eat in the wild. This includes raw meat, bones, eggs, milk and organ meats. Their diets are supplemented with five star dry kibble.

Our puppies are raised on their mother's milk, and transition to a diet of cultured milk, raw meat/bones/organ meats, and high quality dry puppy food (the very best, species-appropriate dry dog food available), so they will be prepared to thrive whether you choose to raw-feed your puppy or feed your puppy high-quality dry dog food.

A typical meal for our dogs: chicken leg quarters, gizzards, feet, beef liver & farm-fresh raw milk

Raw meat might look gross to humans, but it is extremely healthy for dogs.

Daisy loves to eat chicken! Unlike cooked bones, which can splinter, raw chicken bones are safe.

Raw-feeding is a popular trend in the dog world, as more and more people realize that most modern dog food is comprised of the cheap leftovers of the human food industry rather than those foods which are ideal for dog health. Dogs in the wild eat their food raw, and they do not eat grain, corn, or soy products. They are carnivores, and they thrive when their diet mimics the prey they would have been eating in the wild.

If you are interested in raw feeding your puppy, here are a few links to information about how to do that and what to feed. There are plenty of books, websites, and discussion forums that address raw-feeding dogs.

Raw Fed Dogs Guide

Feeding a Raw Diet

Starting Puppy on a Raw Diet

If you prefer to feed your puppy a dry dog food, we recommend that you select a puppy food that is designed to mimic a dog's natural diet as much as possible. We will send your puppy home with several days' worth of the puppy food they are used to eating so that you can transition them to your choice of food. The food we use is 5 star dry kibble as rated on Dog Food Advisor.

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