Unethical dog breeders and their "puppy mills" have always been a problem, but when the Covid-19 pandemic started hurting people financially, many people started dog breeding businesses to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, we've seen a big increase in Goldendoodle puppy mills in our own region of North Carolina.

Ethical breeding requires considerable time, attention and financial investment to ensure that each breeder dog and puppy are happy and healthy. Puppy mills often breed their dogs in unsanitary conditions without adequate nutrition, water, housing, veterinary care and socialization with loving owners. Because they over-breed, puppy mills often keep their dogs and puppies in backyards or outdoor kennels. They also make blatantly false claims about the health and genetic history of their dogs, which means that buyers frequently discover over time that they have unknowingly purchased a genetic mutt with health problems due to poor breeding standards and questionable lineage.

Carolina Doodle Puppies follows the highest standards in the breeding industry. We have 5 star testimonials from confirmed buyers. We have been reviewed by the Goldendoodle Association of America and qualified as Gold Level Certified. This means that our credentials and the health/genetic testing of our dogs meets the top standards of America's largest Goldendoodle breeding association.

We always make health test results and AKC registration available for review when requested. Disreputable breeders will make excuses about why they are unwilling to provide you with documentation to back up their claims about their dogs. If a breeder is offering to sell you a "Goldendoodle" for considerably less money than the average market price, be very cautious. It is true that you usually get what you pay for.


We promise to provide the highest quality food to our dogs and their puppies.

We promise to provide our dogs with appropriate veterinary care.

We promise to give loving attention to each of our dogs.

We promise that our dogs will live inside our own home.

We promise that our dogs will get quality time daily with our family.

We promise that our dogs will enjoy daily playtime outside in our fenced yard.

We promise to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for our dogs.

We promise that we will only breed studs and mothers that have been extensively screened and health tested.

We promise to never breed dogs until they have reached the appropriate age and maturity.

We promise to not breed dogs more times than is safe and healthy.

We promise to focus on improving the quality of the breed and will not breed dogs with unhealthy genetic deficiencies.

We promise to study and remain knowledgeable about common health issues related to our breeds.

We promise to have each puppy examined by a veterinarian before releasing them to their new family.

We promise to provide initial vaccinations, deworming and microchipping of each puppy.

We promise to provide new owners with their puppy's health records and microchip information.

We promise to give each buyer a health warranty.

We promise to provide each new owner with basic diet and care information about their new puppy.

We promise to retain records on each puppy for at least 5 years.

We promise to comply with all federal, state and local laws related to dog breeding.

We promise to never sell puppies to pet wholesalers, pet shops, disreputable people or to organizations.

Email, text or call with any questions about our puppies!