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Species & Size

Our puppies are F1 (First Generation) Goldendoodles. They will be approximately 45-60 lbs. when they are full-grown.


They are available to be taken to their new homes now.


Each puppy costs $1,000, payable by cash or PayPal. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the puppy of your choice. The balance is due at the time of pick up.

How They Are Raised

Our Goldendoodle puppies come from AKC registered and health-tested parents. Their mother was raw-fed throughout her life and during her whole pregnancy on a species-appropriate raw diet of meat, bones, eggs, milk, and organ meats.

The puppies are being raised on their mother's milk, and will transition to a diet of raw goat's milk, raw meat/bones/organ meats, and the highest quality dry puppy food (the very best, species-appropriate available), so they will be prepared to thrive whether you choose to raw-feed your puppy or feed your puppy high-quality dry dog food.

Each puppy is checked by a professional veterinarian prior to sale to ensure that they are in great health. (Proof of vet check available upon request). The puppies are being raised in our loving home with plenty of daily socializing with adults, children, and other pets. They will be started on paper-training at four weeks old, and will have a head-start on house training!

Breed Information

Goldendoodle puppies combine the intelligence, agility, and non-shedding coat of a standard poodle with the friendliness, sociability, and golden-colored coat of a golden retriever, making an extremely popular hybrid dog which is known for being family-friendly, very trainable, and low-shedding.

Right of Refusal

As professional breeders who care about the future lives of our puppies, we will only place puppies in stable homes where the new owners are fully committed to the long-term care of their new family member. We reserve the right to not sell our puppies to those who we don't believe will be committed and loving owners.

Sales Contract

Spay/Neuter - The puppies are sold as companion animals only. The buyer's contract includes an agreement on the part of the buyer to spay/neuter the puppies at the appropriate age.

All Sales Final - Buying a puppy is a long-term commitment. If you are unsure if you are ready to own a puppy, please do not buy one to "try it out". We are not a puppy "rental" company and we do not loan out puppies on a trial basis. If you purchase a puppy and find that you cannot care for it, you may surrender the puppy back to us to find a better home, but no refund will be issued. All sales are FINAL. No exceptions.

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